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“Xochi has the ability to turn a regular party into an event to remember forever.”
Lansing, MI

“I have never seen anything like the events that Xochi has given, the most unique party ideas I’ve ever seen.” 

Dallas, TX

"I will never forget the feeling I had leaving that party!   Xochi planned activities that made everyone come together, strangers became friends!"

Los Angeles, CA

"What fun my family had a Xochi's party.  My kids just can't stop talking about the "cool" lady who had the party."


 Hollywood, CA

This book saved me!  I was at a road block as to what to do for my daughter's sweet 16 birthday party and Xochi's book guided me through the planning.   My daughter had the best time and she says she will remember this forever!  Thanks.


Conway, NH

Discover Unique Sweet Sixteen Party ideas to plan the party of your daughter’s dreams and be the envy of her friends!

Discover how to plan the Sweet 16 Birthday Party your daughter will always remember without losing YOUR sanity

Author:  Xochi  Blymyer
(Pronounced so-chee, it’s the name of an Aztec Princess…you know parents!)

Date:  Wednesday, 10:10AM

You need to plan a sweet sixteen birthday party and need help to get started with ideas and planning.

You want unique sweet sixteen party ideas to plan the party o
f your daughter’s dreams!

You need to plan a sweet sixteen birthday party!

Your daughter is the most important person in the world to you and her sweet sixteen birthday party has to be great.  You need help on where to start, how to give your daughter’s dream party.  She will be the envy of all her friends with your planning the perfect day for her.

This is one of your daughter’s three special moments in her life…her 16th birthday, the day she gets married and having her first child.  You want to make sure this 16th birthday party stands out among her friends to show that your daughter is unique and special.

You may be starting to panic right now because you don’t know where to start, what to do or how to make this the party of her dreams.  Do you want to avoid seeing the disappointment in your daughter’s eyes because her party was a total disaster?

What theme should it be?  What should the menu be?  Where should you have it?  What will make it unique?  Who is on the guest list?   What will the music be?  Will your daughter be happy with the results?  How can this be a signature moment in her life?

This will be a party that stands above all others.   This is truly a priceless moment in her life, memories for a lifetime.

 But you need help.  A place to start and ideas to use.  

I’m here to give you that help you need to have a successful sweet sixteen party.  Together, we will plan each step of your daughter’s special day.   You will save hours of research, hours you can use for the actual birthday party preparation.

We will go step by step on how to plan a sweet sixteen birthday party that will truly last a lifetime. 

Hi! My name is Xochi and I have been hosting and planning parties for over 12 years.   There is nothing more rewarding than the smiles and laughter I hear from my guests at my parties.   I often hear people comment on how memorable my parties have been for them.

I have a unique talent of planning the kind of party that will be remembered for years to come.   Special birthday parties are my favorite kind to honor and celebrate that person’s special day.   There is a great feeling when a party is planned well.  

My parties have been from a small group of people to over 200 people.   The parties have been at homes or different venues.  Parties are my passion!  

It can be a fun adventure to plan a unique special day, especially for your sweet 16 year old daughter.   Her sixteenth birthday party, what a great time!

Here's a new idea to make your sweet sixteen birthday party unique, memorable and lots of fun:    

    Cool Chicks
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“Xochi has the ability to turn a regular party into an event to remember forever.”

“I have never seen anything like the events that Xochi has given, the most unique party ideas I’ve ever seen.” 

"I will never forget the feeling I had leaving that party!   Xochi planned activities that made everyone come together, strangers became friends!"

"What fun my family had a Xochi's party.  My kids just can't stop talking about the "cool" lady who had the party."

When I began to plan parties, I had no idea where to start and no experts to help!  Believe me, I wanted to have a successful party but began to panic as the day of the party came near.   I thought  “What is my first move, how will I entertain my guests, what do I feed them, should I really be the one planning this party!” 

After stumbling through my first party’s preparation, it ended up being a success!   Now I knew what to do for the next one!   Since that first party, I have hosted many more, each one has been a new adventure and  I have gathered more knowledge each time.  I now have the skills and experience to know where to begin and how to plan successfully.  

I understand that planning a special party can be difficult but once you get an idea for your daughter’s sweet sixteen, you will be on your way to making the most wonderful day.   Once you have an idea, a theme, you are on your way.   With just a few simple techniques you can easily get over the hurdles of party planning.  This will save you lots of time researching,  it will be a great way to have all the information you need in one place.

Your daughter is turning 16!   You need to plan a wonderful, memorable party to honor your daughter’s coming of age.  

YOU want to host a successful sweet sixteen party!   You want your daughter to enjoy and remember her sixteenth birthday party! At this point in her life, this is the most important day of her life and you want to make it right.  There are no second chances.

If you want to make it right the first time, keep reading.  To make it right, I’ve put together the years of my experience into the Ultimate Sweet Sixteen Birthday Guide.  Introducing, the Ultimate Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Guide.


Your guide will give you the guidelines to plan your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party.   You will go through all stages of planning the party.   It will be in an organized, time efficient way.   YOU will have less stress if you have a plan for a successful sweet sixteenth birthday party:

>    You will be able to choose a theme and idea for the party that will make your party unique and memorable.   There are many themes & suggestions for a girl’s sixteenth birthday party. Where do I begin? What are my daughter’s interests?  What are her favorite things to do? What time of year is her birthday?  What is your budget? Who is on her guest list? 

>   You will have ideas for decorations that are tasteful and not tacky, not old fashioned but trendy.   Decorations to go with your theme, where to find decorations. Does your daughter like to be sparkly or colorful?  What are her favorite colors?   This is her sweet 16 birthday party.

>   You will receive sweet sixteen birthday party favor ideas that are keeping in with your daughter’s age group and friends. Party favors from simple to extravagant.   The most up to date and unique ideas to make her party favors stand above the crowd.

>   You will receive menu ideas designed for your daughter and her guests that will make the food make an impression.   What does she like to eat?  What are the going trends on party food?  Would she like a cake? 

>    You will get a checklist for easy planning and time saving. Checklists to stay organized for your upcoming party.  Planning ahead helps keep the stress level down.  Having a list of what to be prepared for is another way to make the party a success.   When to start, when to order, when to book your entertainment!     

With this information you will be saving 100’s of hours of research and your valuable time can be better spent planning your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party.   These tips and ideas will help you plan the party of a lifetime.  

Your daughter will be impressed that you have taken the time to give her a day to remember always.   I am happy to share with you my experience to make memories for a young woman.  This is so exciting!   This is an investment in your relationship with your daughter. 

I know that planning a special party is not easy without the guidelines, especially something as special as your's daughter's sweet sixteen birthday party and knew I wanted to share with others who needed my help.   My years of hosting parties experience is now written down for someone like you who cares enough to plan your daughter’s party right.  

All of this will help take the stress and worry out of your party planning.   This guide is now ready,  released on November 16, 2007.  Order now and receive your copy today!  This ebook is being offered for a low introductory price of $13.95.  Yes, because of it's popularity already, this low price will continue for another week.   Then it will return to the regular price of $29.95. If you order your copy now you will get your Ultimate Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Guide at the low introductory price of $13.95, saving you $10.00.


Along with your guide today you will also get some great extra bonuses to help make that party the party of a lifetime:

Bonus #1 (Valued at $ 4.95, yours free):   Learn Tips for Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Invitations – What will be the most hip, up to date invitations?  How much lead time do you need to send the invitation?  How much time to have them Printed?  Should you use Online Invitations?  Would she like to have Traditional or Unique?


Bonus #2 (Valued at $ 6.75, yours free):  Top Popular Music choices for a sweet 16 birthday party.  You want to be in the know for teenagers party music?  Here’s a comprehensive list for you to put together her party music.  Music is a shared bond between teenagers. It gives them an identity and will give her party that extra flair it will need.


Bonus #3 (Valued at $ 4.95, yours free):  You have a son who would like to celebrate his 16th birthday?  He may not be sweet but he’s your special son who deserves to be recognized too!!   Here’s some great ideas for him.


All of this will make your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party even more unique and special, just as she is to you.

You will find this book what you have been looking for to help you plan your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party.   If for any reason you are unhappy with this book, you may return it.   I guarantee it.

This is a lifetime guarantee.   At anytime you feel this book has not been useful, you may return it, no questions asked.  You don’t even have to decide today, just try it and be amazed at how easy it will be to plan that party.

I know that you will be extremely happy.  You will also be able to use this book as a guideline to additional parties for you and/or your families future entertaining. 

Just get this book and try it out.   If it doesn’t help you give the best party your daughter has ever had, please let me know.   You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Now’s the time to get your party started!   Do not delay, your daughter is almost sixteen!   It’s never too soon to start coming up with ideas and planning all the details of your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party.  Come on, let’s get started, get this book now and you are on your way to the best Sweet 16 birthday party!


Your daughter and her guests will never forget the way you planned this sweet sixteen party.   She will remember the time and effort you put in to make her special day a huge success.   Your young lady is turning sixteen soon, download this book to make her party the success you want it to be.

Your Copy of Ultimate Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Guide is NOW Available for only $13.95!   This is a low introductory price that will go back to it's regular price in just a week to $23.95.  I know you will be very happy with your book.

Along with the 3 Free Bonuses you will have a savings of $26.65 when you order today!  

All the best to you and your family.  I would love to hear all about your daughter’s sweet sixteen party!  What fun!

Take Care,

Unique Party Planner

P.S. This guide will be your best friend in party planning for your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party.   You will have the guidelines to start from the beginning all the way to the actual party, choose themes and ideas geared to your daughter.  You will have plenty of ideas for decorations, party favors and menus.  The easy checklist will keep you organized with your party planning.

P.P.S. Remember the added bonuses when you order now.  You will get invitation tips, additional boy party ideas, music lists for 16 year olds.

P.P.P.S. I Guarantee you will be happy or you may have your money back.  This is 100% money back guarantee.  It is no risk to you to order today.

P.P.P.P.S. Don’t delay!  It’s never too soon to start planning this special sweet 16 birthday party.  Your daughter turning sixteen is a huge step in her life, make it memorable!

P.P.P.P.P.S.  These girls are having a wonderful time...they'll be dreaming soon of their own special day!


copyright 2007 .   All rights reserved.